Denny Powers

Denny plays Keyboards and brings another huge vocal presence to the band!

Denny began playing piano at 6 years old and picked up guitar shortly after that. He played trumpet and
euphonium in junior and senior high, including concert and marching bands as well as pep band and
brass quintet. Starting in his senior year in high school and going through college before going into the
Army, Denny played keyboard and guitar with a band in the Hart/Shelby area called Nuttin Fancy.
Denny was a long-time former member of the men’s singing group the Cosmops. He is currently the
music director at First Baptist Church (Organist/Pianist/Choir Director), a position he has held since
2006. Music has always been a part of Denny’s life and he enjoys many styles of music including:
Rock, Blues Gospel, Jazz, Classical, Country, Pop, ….

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